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Smartphone made by the social enterprise with the same name. A first step to making fairer alternatives for phones. Released December 2013.

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My charger socket is broken, is it possible to fix it?


my charger socket doesn't work like it should, that means that I can't reallly charge my phone. If I want to charge it, I have to put it in a special position where the kable is somehow snapped off, then it works. I'm not sure why it is broken but I think it's probably because I was to harsh with the kable. Is there any possibility to fix it? I also looked on the fairphone-website itself, but I couldn't find anything about it so far.

Hoping for an answer soon, Greetings Julia

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This fairphone forum thread has some examples for fixing it:

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I used to have this exact problem too. (difficult to charge the phone, some USB cables not working at all)

In my case it turned out to be dust in the connector causing the problem.

It also affected the headphone connector; the headphones would not really snap into place as they used to do.


Remove battery.

Carefully clean out dust with a needle.

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Yes it is possible to fix you can either do it yourself or take it down to a shop to be fixed.

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Hi Julia,

we have the same problem, but Josh's answer is not the yellow from the egg.

When we will fix by ourself, we don't know which part we have to change

When we have to take it to shop, can you help us, which shop Josh mentioned.


Dirk + Lena

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