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narcolepsy problem on PowerBook?

Hai there,

I bought a Powerbook G4 15 1,67 with no sound, no lcd, fans are not working, it shuts down (or goes to sleep and does not wake up) after 5-10 minutes: so heat prob. i quess, or DC-IN/Sound board prob of course. I'll let you know how things work out.

Any suggestions?

Update: in the mean time i discovered (by googling: narcolepsy) that by removing the left ambient light sensor the powerbook works about 50 minutes, and then shuts down, without any warning.

Tried to get the fans running but no luck. Still nou sound, but headphones are working

also: when i attach the single layer DVD unit the PB won't start up, and therefore my question is: should it be a DL DVD drive at all means?

Luuk Sollie (The Netherlands)

(Powerbook Fan :)

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Thanx mayer and machead3 for your help,

but: the SL DVD drive was an internal one, so nothinhg to worry about the USB ports (should have mentioned that, sorry).

the problem still is there: (longest time i got the PV up and running is now about 1 hour and 50 minutes with no programs running - except Itunes, via head-phone) especially when i try to playback an avi file (from my Windows PC via airport)after a few minutes the powerbook shuts down (or goes into deep sleep.

CPU top temp is rising quickly then, about 130F then, fans are not running (according to IStat pro).

It's a challenge to get the PB stable.

I'll keep trying.. is there a program to force the fans running?

thanx in advance


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Here's my previous answer on this: How do I diagnose a narcoleptic Mac?

On the DVD drive, switch ports as not all are powered equally:

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great link +


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Sounds like

a liquid spill, especially the DVD issue. Check logic board for corrosion, burned parts do what you can to clean/replace them (else replace the logic board).

Wake from sleep is a known issue with some of these models, research that and follow recommended solutions.

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Good Luck,


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I find with mine that some temp sensor is telling the system it is overheating and goes into sleep mode. However it seems to only happen when the computer is cold. After attempting to boot up several times or putting the restore disk in and let it stay at the first screen for 15 or 20 minutes and then rebooting after the machine is warm then it works fine.

go figure?

al c

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I am face some problems in powerbook g4. just like when i boot apple mac so showing one folder on the screen and still there. but i open own powerbook so i see fan is stop no running. kindly give me answer what problem is in.

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