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The March 2015 update of Apple's 11" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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New MBA 2015 SSD compatible with SSD from 2013 MBA

I have a early 2015 MBA 11" because my logicboard in the old 2013 model died from a bad power adaptor.

in the new mea is only a 128 GB SSD.

Can i change my old 256 GB SSD (MBA 11" 2013) into the new MBA 11" 2015?

Apple Service tells the 2013 an 2014 SSDs can be used in both models, but don't write anything about 2015 models. For this reason the ASP next to me will not make the change (thought about it to keep the warranty).

Can anybody tell me if there is a difference between the SSD models (power, pins, form factor, ..) or is it save to put the older (bigger) SSD in the new device?



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Warranty up? No worries, we’ve got the fix.

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Yes & No ;-{

While your older SSD is PCIe (2 lane) like the newer model, the firmware on it may not work in your newer system. As you don't have a working system you're caught in a bad place as you can't upgrade the firmware before transferring it to your newer system. Also the SSD Apple used in the older systems was a slower unit than what they are currently using.

So what to do here? I would recommend not trying to swap them, instead get an external SSD case for your older SSD like this one: OWC Envoy Pro. If you really want more space how about getting a better SSD instead. Here is what I would go with: OWC - MacBook Air 11" & 13" Mid 2013, 2014, & 2015 SSD upgrades.

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Thank you very much for this quick and helpful response. Before getting in trouble i would stick to the build in SSD.

I saw the OWC replacement sets as well - this one lead me to the solution they has to be compatible. But with your explanation their firmware should be downwards compatible for all 3 years of MBA models, I guess.


Correct! Downward not Upward compatible firmware.

Just get the case so you can access the files on the SSD (that is if you still need them). If not reformat the drive and use it as a data or backup drive for your system. Do remember you should leave 1/3 of the smaller drives free so your SSD wears more evenly.


Make sure not to use damaged MagSafe power adapter. Often I find cord/plug is damaged shorting out the SMC as you don't want to kill another system ;-}


The Adapter is sorted out - that was the first thing to do ;)

After a short research, the enclosure is just as expensive as a new external ssd drive. so its just worth for deleting my personal data from the old drive?!

It's a little hard to go with just 128 GB the 256 suited me very well, but the upgrade to 480 OWC is too expensive in my mind.

Thanx for your patience.


Hang in there! Save your pennies. Sadly with only one source for compatible parts they control the market. The other shoe here is Apple spares are more expensive!


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