15.6", Intel HD Graphics, Core i3 2330M, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD

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Why do I have 8GB of RAM and only 3gb useable?

Hello there. I have been having the biggest issues with this Laptop for over 3 months. I recently wiped everything because of a Virus, It's been !&&* since. I put Windows 7 Ultimate onto the laptop from an iso download on my usb flash stick. I have absolutely no drivers at all. And I cannot connect to the internet because there isn't a driver for it, So I cannot run windows update. Also I don't have DirectX and I have a 8gb of ram 3.41gb useable ... Why is this? For whatever reason this computer is being a horrible thing to fix.... Please have answers and maybe a guide to fixing this.

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Ok lets start with the lan . can you use an Ethernet cable to connect it will aways work when your wireless wont then go to the dell sight and download the appropriate drivers . As for your not showing 8gb of memory it sounds like you may have loaded a 32 bit version of windows instead of a 64bit. 32 bit will only use 3.5gb of memory at best regardless of how much you have installed.To find out what version you have press the windows key ,between CTRL and ALT ,at the same time as the pause break key. then look in system type to see what version of windows you have. If you do have to reformat to get a 64bit version of windows 7 you may want to pre download all the appropriate drivers before wiping the hard drive put them on a jump stick so you can just load them after the initial install . Make sure your downloading the drivers for 64 bit Go here here and enter your laptop info and this will guild you through the driver process. Hope this helps

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Do you know where I can find every single driver needed, and I figured as much that I downloaded the 32-Bit instead of 64 .... Do you know a Site to download Windows 7 (Ultimate,Pro,Whatever) iso 64bit and the drivers?


if you have a key you can download it from here

https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software... and the link for all the drivers is in my answer were it says here (in blue) is a link to the dell site



Thank you so much!


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