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Replacing digitizer with same adhesive

I have to remove my ipad mini digitizer to remove the protective film from the lcd - which I neglected to do when I installed it. Do I need to remove all the old adhesive from the digitizer (sounds tough), and apply new adhesive strips to it? Or can I just clean up the frame (remove old adhesive pieces) of the mini and stick the digitizer back down with the same old adhesive that is left on the back of the digitizer?

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if its a recent enough repair, you should be able to pull up the digitizer without removing the old adhesive. The adhesive sticks to the glass much easier than it does the frame. Remove the film, then reheat the digi and stick it down. Might want to give it some extra heat since that adhesive doesn't like being restuck.

If the adhesive tears or won't stick, then I would remove the old adhesive. Its not hard, it peels right off. Peel it all off and use red tape to stick it back down. Do not use anything metal or sharp on the old adhesive. The paint on the glass scratches very easily.

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