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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Scan unable AF error message

Tried using the scan feature. Printer locked up and will not allow me to use the flat bad or AF feature for either scan or copy. Brother wants me to send it back but I am out of the US with the printer. Does allow printing from my computer, after I manually 'exit' the scan or copy mode via the upper right corner 'stop/exit' button.

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Had this exact error on my 5-month old MFC-J985DW immediately after using my auto feeder to scan a 2-paged doc for the first time (unsuccessfully) I had to install the Brother Utilities / Content Control 4 to scan so just prior to the symptom appearing I had installed those new apps to operate the printer and used the AF for the first time. My printer just cycled back to "Scan Unable AF" when I pressed the red X or cycled power. Unable to print,copy, scan. Printer was completely unusable and all web articles indicated that the problem was mechanical and that service by a tech would be required.

What seemed to fix it was when I lifted the left door of the document feeder and rocked the rollers back and forth, actuated the mechanisms I could find and then, when the printer reinitialized, it threw an error stating that it ?couldn't identify any of my cartridges? I then reseated the ink cartridges, they were successfully identified and the printer announced that a Firmware Update was found and prompted me to update; which I did. After that the printer has worked perfectly. I should mention that I had called Brother support and they left me on hold for 20 minutes before disconnecting me. They had the machine SN and I suppose they could have also sent a reset to the printer or pushed the firmware prompt without my knowledge. I think that when I shook a bind or spec of paper loose on the AF roller, the new Firmware version that was compatible with the apps I installed to use the scanner fixing a sw incompatibility, or Brother pushed a reset to the printer before disconnecting. Good luck.

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