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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Where can I get my screen fixed?

I had my computer in the case all last night, but when I picked it up this morning to turn it on, there was a black spot in the top right corner and the screen was flickering. It didn't experience any trauma, I put it down gently last night and nothing happened, so I have no idea why it's acting like this, but I do know that the screen is broken. Where can I get it fixed? Is it possible to get it fixed?

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Where are you located?


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Here's the part:

Here's how to replace it:

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Due to the age of this device repair of it would out weigh the benefits of just investing into a new device. Unless you are extremely attached to this device I would suggest buying a new one! Good luck!

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Thank you, but I've only had it since Christmas. Would it be more expensive to try and fix the screen than to buy a new one?


I gave you a negative vote because: EeeBook X205 series

In 2014 Asus relaunched the Eee PC with the X205TA model,[6] which came with a quad-core Intel Atom Bay Trail Z3735 processor. A two year old machine is just not that old and it can be repaired for under $50.


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