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Model A1312 / Mid 2010 / 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 2.8 & 3.6 GHz Core i5 or 2.93 GHz Core i7, ID iMac11,3

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Can I replace my Ati Radeon 4670 to Nvidia GTX 460?

Hi!2 months ago i bought an iMac 27 with 3.06 Core 2 processor 4 GB DDR3 and Ati radeon 4670HD 256MB.This video card is very bad for gaming even on World of Warcraft i use medium graphics and play with lags.Now i have a new video card Nvidia GTX460 in unopened box.Can i replace my Ati to Nvidia?Can there occure problems with it?As i know Ati works with PCi Express 16x!Nvidia GTX460 works with the same slot!Thank you for your answers!

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The regular home PC, is built out of standardised parts and has standardised expansion slots, and form factor (ATX) and parts can be for the most part easily interchanged. (my power supply went bad, and it took about 8min to replace it).

Imacs don't have a PCIe slot, what ever they have is different works as well i guess but not a standard PC type PCI-e slot.

I do not think your model and year was offered with an nvidia card option just ATI.

I assume by service you mean apple offers an upgrade to the ATI DHD5750?

Yes you could have it upgraded to a better ATI card that is designed to work with your model imac.

This forum would explain it better then i could:

As you can see, from the forum this would not be something easily done if not at all, it is difficult to work on/upgrade replace a video card in an imac and if a mistake is made it could be extremely costly.

Also not sure the upgraded ATI card would be any better for gaming. I don't really do much gaming anymore and I don't use ATI, You would have to look to see how much better the other ATI card would be. It might be a lot better.

Mac parts are designed to work with mac os and their own proprietary hardware design (physical design) and software design.....this is good. With Apple keeping strict control of what products are offered from the factory in their models, and what is supported, keeping that nice Mac OSX running smooth is a great deal easier and it works, mac OS works. They could make it just a bit easier thou, that's just my opinion.

There is a difference between nvidia and ATI, they have been battling it out for quite some time, and some prefer ATI and some Nvidia.

You could try and reduce the native resolution you are running before playing a game, and if your running the game at 2600 x something, change it to 1920 x 1080 or less, play with the shader options etc....see what it can really do if you haven't done that already. WOW shouldn't be all that demanding on the computer unless i am not up to date.

pushing all the options in a game, a new game like the new call of duty i guess, to high, at really high res. not many systems without SLI setup or a fancy computer with a $200-300 card and 600watt power supply could do that with good results.

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thanks for detailed info)now let me to tell you one fact that i have seen when i was talking to a service worker!i asked him for about if i can bring my own card can they install it!He has answered that this is possible for service charge 50 $!Now i don't know what to do)maybe he meant Ati Radeon HD5750 1GB?by the way as i know if you have a desktop pc you can easily change this to an Nvidia because HD5750 and GTX 460 use the same PCIe inteface to work!Thanks for trying help)


oh and one more thing!i mostly use Windows 7 so there will not be problems with drivers as i know???


If you have a tech willing to do a install for you, he would be the best person to ask about what card would be best to upgrade, what would work, what would not, for your purpose. Windows 7 and Mac OS, Gaming and what ever else you would need to do. You should have everything backed up of course, I have no idea what Mac OS will do if you change out the video card, windows 7 "should" be able to figure it out and work as long as you don't have an OEM version of windows 7. it would be another question for the tech that can do the install for you, they are too many questions and possible problems for me to answer via a forum. I work on macbooks and thinkpad laptops, that is about it other the PC based desktop machines. (windows 7 and Linux) and a few other things.

This should help:


Detailed answer +


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Sorry, can't be done. The graphics are on the system board like all macs that i know of (except mac pros) I do believe you have dedicated RAM for the video card, and not shared RAM like other older models.

Anyway, I don't know of any imac models that allow for a video card upgrade.

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Why?the service says that i can pay 140$ dollars for replacing to Ati Radeon HD5750 1 GB!Is there any difference of nvidia and ATi slot?


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