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Manufactured by Panasonic Corporation.

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CANNOT OPEN DISC DRAWER. disc clicks loudly &. door won't open

Loaded disc without any problem.

Door closed, but DVD did not play.

Attempted to open door, but pushing the 'eject' button only produces a loud clicking.

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Most DVD drives have a small pinhole in the front , just under the tray. Insert and press an opened paperclip or similar sized pin into the hole. The tray should open far enough for you to grab hold of it an gently pull it the whole way out and retrieve the disc.

Once you have removed the disc, try just opening and closing the tray using the eject button to make sure that it still functions correctly.

If so, try another disc and see if it works OK. If it does inspect the disc that was "stuck" in there to see if has warped at all.

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