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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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Is the VIN number on this moped only 6 digits?

On the frame, it states a number:

FA 50 414412

Thats all. Is this the VIN number?

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My FA50's at home, so I'll check and answer your question in a bit. However, I don't think that "414412" is the VIN -- it should be longer than that.


It’s technically a 10 digit vin. That means you have an actual JDM-Japanese Domestic Market Version! I have a RHD car that has the same amount of characters in the VIN. Japan didn’t start fully using the 14 digit VIN till after 96.


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Great answer, Mayer.

I took a look this morning, and the VIN was located on the front of the scooter frame, directly behind the horn. Here's a picture of it: I Photoshopped some of the numbers from the picture for security purposes, but you get the idea. The VIN is the entire sequence of numbers, starting from where it says "V.I.N." and ending with "833."

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Depending on the model, the VIN for an ATV is usually located on the swing arm. The swing arm is the main component that holds the rear axle firmly in place. Look for a 17 digit number. Look for this VIN also on the frame in the FRONT of the ATV as well.

For some kind of mopeds, you can find the VIN for a moped or scooter right above the footrest below the glove compartment. Look for a plastic plate thats about 4 x 1.5 inches. Youll have to remove the plate to see the VIN.

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Very good answer +


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