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The Revlon 473 Hairdryer was released in 2007. It can be identified by the Revlon 473 logo on the head of the device. Repair is straightforward and can be done using common tools.

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Plastic plug housing broke

How can I get a replacement part, for electric plug housing? (contains circut board)

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tyberias, Contact Revlon through the attached link to find out if replacement part is available for your hair dryer.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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tyberias if you are referring to the plug that goes into the electrical outlet, Revlon (or any other manufacturer) will most likely not get you those parts for legal reasons. That is a GFI (groung fault interupter) and government regulations required those to be installed by the manufacturer. Governments and manufacturers still believe that they have to protect us from ourself and that we are not smart enough to repair things ;-) You most likely will rely on after market plugs like this one or other places for a replacement.

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If it is the GFI unit, you could just replace it with a normal hardware store plug. But first, know what the GFI unit is for. These very handy devices come in several kinds, and all of them operate on the same basic principle. It looks at current going out, and coming back, to the wall receptacle. If those two measurements are essentially the same, it stays on. If they differ by even a small amount, it turns itself off and requires you to push the reset button, which will not turn it back on if the fault remains. It assumes the extra current is going through someone's body, and is about to electrocute them. So, if you replace the factory GFI plug on your dryer, know that you have eliminated a safety device. This become critical around water sources, such as bathroom sinks and showers, because wet skin conducts electricity quite well. A good practice when using electrical devices around water is to only use one hand...don't touch the dryer while touching the faucet. If you always use this practice you will eliminate most of the risk. Also, bathrooms are required to have GFI receptacles in the wall near the sink. If you have one of those, the GFI plug on the hair dryer cord is redundant and not needed, unless, of course, you take it to your friend's house that has old wiring! The GFI wall receptacle is typically a large rectangular device with two buttons in the middle. Get some good reading glasses and you can read "test" and "reset" on the buttons. So it is all about protecting us from ourselves, as Oldturkey said. Now you should have enough info to make your own decision about what to do next. By now you probably get the legality thing. Good luck!

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