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The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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Fan experts: source for replacement Quicksilver CPU fan?

I've got a couple of dual processor Quicksilvers with failed or failing CPU fans. I'm doing lots of searching, but there isn't much around that I can find, and what I have found is usually used. If I'm going to replace it and spend at least $15 on a machine that's worth < $100, I'd rather have a new fan so I don't have to do it again before the whole thing dies.

Wondered if anyone had suggestions on locating new replacement fans for these guys. The original Sunon fan p/n and specs are:


60mm x 60mm x 25mm


2-pin connector on cable approx. 3.75" long from housing (including connector)

DigiKey shows fans similar to this in the "obsolete" category. And this link seemed promising, but turns out to be from overseas and used condition:

Might there be suitable, newer alternatives w/ different part #s that would be interchangeable?



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Ever finding new parts from any Mac is usually futile. Most of the time the best you will find are pulls. Apple just doesn't sell its parts. You can't even get new parts from an ASP if the machine is older than 2011 now. And Apple stores and ASP won't sell you just parts. This is a corporate monopoly and they'll sell you the repair but not the part.

This is about a 14 year old machine that came out in 2002. Finding even a used part may be difficult. Even to get me to go to my garage and pull a fan, clean it and box it up and ship it for $15 would be unlikely.

Get what you can.


Look for Apple Part #922-3295

Or look for the manufacturers part number on the fan and see if you can find it.

922-4572, 805-3098-03, 805-3098

Here it is used:

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I totally get it, and I agree with you. What I'm really curious to find out is if there's a current part that would interchange w/ the original. The fan was made by Sunon, not Apple, so Apple was just using something that was available at the time, perhaps customized for them, perhaps not (at least, that's my take). So, it seems to me like there'd be a decent chance for there to exist a much newer fan matching those specs that would work in place of the original.


Good thought on your update! I dug up my Service Source manual for the G4s and was irritated to find that the Processor Fan part # was not in it in any of the "exploded views". The p/n you mention, 922-3295, is actually for the big case fan, not the "Processor Fan". I figured this out when your link showed machines as far back as B&W G3s being compatible, which didn't make sense (since they have no CPU fan). Anyway, a little more digging...


You did not mention that it was a CPU fan. The only CPU fans I remember were on third party processor upgrades. What do you have? Would you post a photo? Have you replaced the thermal paste? Why do you think the fan is failing?


Uh...heheh. Title and first sentence both say "CPU fan(s)." :-D Quicksilvers have fans between the I/O panel and the heatsink. They draw air _IN_ through the little holes in the back and blow across the heatsink. To answer your other questions: I have both a Dual 800 and a Dual 1GHz in need; the former has a fan that makes a significant grinding sound, the latter simply does not spin. That's why I think they're failed/failing. I'm not sure that these actually have thermal _paste_ to be replaced (maybe pads), but in any case, I'm less concerned about that than I am about getting a working fan installed. Thx, FT


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Hmmm...ok, found a good thread on Apple Discussion Forums that has some helpful info, including specs on some fan options, as well as the Apple p/n for the original (which isn't in the service manual!):

Original fan p/n: 922-4580

Available here:

Still used though. I'm going to do some comparison-shopping at DigiKey or similar and see if I can find a new replacement that's close enough in power/noise/CFM. I'll update w/ what I find.



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