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A game console released in North America by the Nintendo Company in 1985, called the Nintendo Entertainment System, model NES-001.

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2 Broken NIntendo NES Consoles

I have two NES Consoles that power on, but blink red. They both showed signs of life with some games but never worked continually. They power on, but the picture is a solid color. I replaced the pins in both, but this hasn't seemed to fix the problem.

Your thoughts?

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@el_fatto lets start with one. You changed the pin connector? How did you hook it up to your TV? Tried a different cables? What color is the screen?


@oldturkey03 i changed the pin connector in both. I hooked up th tv with the rf connector. I will double check different cables. I've gotten gray and white I've gotten orange for tv color


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Hey Luke,

As described, your problem seems to be your RF connector. If your console was "blinking" with the TV I would say its a pin connector issue.

Your fix should be relatively easy.

Block Image

On the top of the image (right side of the console) you should see a video and audio jacks (yellow and red) which correspond to the RCA connectors (or composite) jacks on your TV. There is no white because the NES was mono rather than stereo for sound.

These connectors are very common and rather inexpensive. Try them before you dig into the 72-pin connector refurbishment.

Hope this helps.

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Sounds like the lockout chip is resetting the system every second.

Almost always, when an NES is having issues, it's because there's a bad connection from the game to they system. Try these steps:

  1. Clean the game. Open it up and use an eraser to clean the contacts. If it still looks dirty, use 99% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and a Q-tip.
  2. Your 72-pin connector may be bad. I've never had luck cleaning them, but you can try it. Most reliable fix is to get a new 72-pin connector on ebay for $7.
  3. Every once in a while, the contacts on the motherboard can get dirty. This is less likely to be the problem, but you can try it. Pull the 72-pin connector off the motherboard and clean the contacts the same way you cleaned the game cartridge. If you go to the trouble of cleaning the motherboard, you might as well use IPA and get it really clean.

If this doesn't work, you could try disabling the lockout chip. It's easy to do, you just cut one pin of a certain chip on the motherboard. Usually you only need to do this if you frequently see the game actually start up, but restart and restart. If you see a blank screen when it constantly restarts, it's probably just dirty connectors.

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