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Birinci jenerasyon Wi-Fi’lı Apple iPad, 16, 32 ve 64 GB kapasiteli. Model numarası A1219. Onarımlar kolaydır ve ısıtma gerektirmez.

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Ipad Dock connector no longer working

Is it possible to replace the dock connector for the ipad, is this part available?

My 2 month old ipad dock connector is dead! I've tried multiple cables which work on my iphone without success.

Because it's jailbroken I can't take it in under warranty and because the dock is broken I can't restore it... talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

The unit does charge but it's a trickle charge and takes forever, in fact to get it to full charge it has to be on most of the day which defeats the object of having the thing in the first place.

Could simply replacing the dock connector be the answer?

I'm using Cydia's Wi-Fi sync to "talk" to the unit through itunes so it's not a total train smash but very annoying.

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Also I would like to add, that 9/10 the solution is very simple. Remove the two dock screws and it generally works. Unless you dropped in water or something stupid like that.

I replace and repair items for a living, and I came across this when our first unit with dock problems came in.

I believe it is a manufacturers defect that causes the problem, someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but for whatever reason, removing those two screws that hold the dock connector in place generally solve the problem.

I joined this community to help and now I think genuinely I found an answer that will help a lot of people out.

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Thanks for the tip Ashley, my Ipad synced as soon as i took out the 2 screws!! But when i put the screen back on, it would not sync again, so i took the screen off one more time, and it worked! So now it seems that the only way to get my Ipad to sync is to take off the screen, lol. Any ideas on what might be causing the problem with it syncing while the screen is out of the shell?


When you took the screws out, sometimes it needs to be reseat into the connector. Did you unplug and replug the clip back in?

Also when you install the screen, make sure no wires got caught by chance, as the screen clips in, there shouldn't be any trouble with syncing when you put it back. However, just ensure that there isn't anything caught by the clips, and that the dock connector is properly connected.

Also try resetting the device, and perhaps doing a DFU restore.


Thanks a lot for Ashley's tip for removing the dock connector screws! Saved my day!


Kudos Ashley !!! Saved my day also!


My iPad lost sync ability when the 30-pin plug got pulled sideways a tad forcibly when packing up in a hurry. A bit too much as it proved out - I was disappointed that something not far away from ordinary use practically made useless my expensive gadget. After shredding the apple 30-pin cable looking for repairable damage and buying two different cheapo cables, nothing seemed to make it sync - even charging was a hit-and-miss story. After discovering costs for a connector&plug assembly repair I gave it a try and presto! Both cheapo cables working perfectly! I put the screws back but 2 turns loose and secured them with heat glue. In the process of dissasembly-reassembly, the backlighting glitch that showed up 2 months ago (a series of edge leds we permanently off) also fixed itself! If only I hadn't botched the dissasembly process 7 metal clips would not have broken and power button cables would not need any solder and some scratches would not have appeared...



You are a genius. It works! I've spent months trying to find a solution for this issue.



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It doesn't look like iFixit has the dock connector in stock, but at least they have directions to replace it if you can find one elsewhere.

That being said, you could probably go into Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings, and end up with a clean enough iPad to get warranty service.

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Wow, I've never heard of the 2 screws causing this issue. I've always just replaced the whole charging circuit. Here's the part on eBay below if the screw method doesn't work.

iPad 1st Gen Charging Dock on eBay


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I removed the two screws which face downward (if you're hold the iPad upright in front of your face). They appear to hold the connector to the rest of the device.

I put the whole thing back together (minus screws), and it has worked like a charm since. I have no idea why this worked (and I'm a prior Electronics Technician). Now that it is working, I have no plans to open the iPad again just to figure it out.

If you are going to follow the ifixit instructions for opening the iPad, I would add two caveats:

1) The opening instructions aren't quite right. Metal clips hold the front screen tight to the aluminum only on the top, bottom, and left sides. The right side has plastic tabs which are inserted into recesses in the aluminum. The best way to open it would be to start from the top, then work your way around the LEFT side and along the bottom, then tilt the left side out and slide the front panel towards the left. When I took it apart, the ambient light sensor cable came off by itself, but was not broken.

2) Get the set of 14 clips from this site before operating. You will break clips, and those that aren't broken will be bent and should probably be replaced. I broke 10 of 14 in the process.


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Ashley's simple solution works! ===== I guess that the complex metal sandwich of the connector assembly can become permanently distorted or misaligned under proper direction force and this means the pins are not making good contact any more so by adding slack to the socket housing the cable plug aligns it properly upon insertion ===== My opinion is that this is another (understandable in the long term) design shortcoming by Apple but I guess that many people must have paid good $$ out of warranty for such repairs because Apple is not as perfect as it wants as to believe (and pay) or admit themselves. ===== Anybody knows what an Apple Genius does on this occasion? Says "pay $$ for repair" or "wait 10 mins for the tech guy to fix it"? I guess the "proper" solution is a not cheap whole integrated ribbon/socket replacement.

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