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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Why does the OS-9.2.2 screen collapse to half size during start-up?

This iBook 14" G3 900MHz was running OS-9.2.2 and OS-10.2.8 until the hard drive gave out. I recently replaced the drive with a 120GB Western Digital ATA hard drive from iFixit.

I did not receive the original installation or restore disks when I bought this computer in 2006 from TechRestore. This 900MHz G3 may be classified by Apple as "iBook (14.1 LCD 900Mhz 32 VRAM)" introduced in November of 2002 or as "iBook (Early 2003)" introduced in April of 2003. Based on Apple's Article HT2191 (Old Article 25114) - this G3 probably originally was sold with 9.2.2 and 10.2.4.

Therefore - I have tried to install 9.2.2 and 10.1.4 from disks which came with an Ibook 14" G3 700MHz which Apple classifies as "iBook (14.1 LCD 16 VRAM)" which was introduced in May of 2002.

That OS-10.1.4 disk would not install (the optical drive just did a lot of clicking). That OS-9.2.2 disk (CD version 1.4) did install but presents the same collapsing-to-about-half-size problem discussed in Ed Hudecek's question to iFixit (March 4 of 2010). The computer also will not sleep with this installation.

This collapsing occurs part way thru startup both when starting from the hard drive or from that 9.2.2 installation disk. However - if I start up from a 9.2.1 installation disk - the collapsing does not occur. However - I have previously tried a clean install from that 9.2.1 disk and the 900MHz G3 will not accept that older OS.

Based on Apple's Article HT1835 (Old Article 25114) - Apple's Note 3 indicates that certain copies of 9.2.2 disks may not install on "iBook (Early 2003)" G3's.

Another source is at "". Under Wikipedia's Compatibility table - the "iBook (Early 2003)" is shown as requiring a "Machine-specific version only" of 9.2.2.

Apparently - I should obtain from iFixit your product code IF151-041-1 (Restore CD's for a G3 14" 900MHz). Those disks might fix these problems. However - that product is out of stock. I have requested notification when it is again in stock.

Am I on the wrong track. Any suggestions.

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The machine specific disk are configured to work with one system and may present problems when dealing with firmware from another computer. I suspect that's the problem you are experiencing now. You might check with welovemacs as another software source but I would call Apple first. I have purchased original software from them numerous times and very reasonably. Good luck.

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+ Apple no longer even supports 10.5. The support people were in diapers when we were using system 9 and never heard of system 7. You can't buy anything from Apple made before the Intel processor. Apple is like the successful executive that dumps the wife and children for the sexy 21 year old secretary. It's rab's world.


Well, I don't know about that -- but in general, Mac OS disks that come with a Mac are *useless* with any other model, and if you're lucky, you'll get an error message that tells you as much ... sounds like they did not always extend that courtesy


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I tried using older system discs on a G3 iMac, and got the exact same behavior you are seeing.

You need the install and/or restore discs that came with that specific iBook.

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