Dell N5110 No LED Backlight

Was working great up until this morning. Tried known work screen, same issue. Replaced cable with new, same issue. Tested fuses near the screen connector and got 19v.

I've heard it could be the LED Driver but where is that and how to test, please?

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Hi,You don't say if you can see if the display is there (without backlight)? (The shine a torch close to the screen at an angle trick) Have you tried an external monitor to see if it works just to prove the video?

Also something from left field. You haven't got it switched (selected?) to a second display and therefore the primary display is switched off perhaps?


@sylaryou said you "Tried known work screen" was that a internal screen or did you connect and external monitor? That is the first thing I'd do. let us know what you find. To test any of the components we need to have the proper motherboard number so we can see if there are schematics for it. How did you find the backlight fuse?


Sorry for late reply. I get display but no backlight. I have tried known working internal screen with same issue: display; no backlight. Board number is DQ15 Intel MB. Got 19v on both fuses near the lcd connector.

@oldturkey03 @jayeff Fuses are visible so I assume those are the only fuses? No display with hdmi cable.


Hi, Perhaps the lid switch is faulty. It turns the power to the display on and off. Do not know exactly where it is but usually it is low down in the screen surround area and it is magnetically operated. Again don't know but the magnet could be in the body of the laptop and the switch is in the lid or vise versa. Check online for your model to find out.


@jayeff I'll have a go but something tells me it's an issue with the gpu


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