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The Gateway ML6720 laptop is a multi-purpose notebook, with a T2310 Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM, 15.4" UltraBright display and GMA X3100 graphics.

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Why is my screen not displaying an image?

Today I opened my laptop up and unlike usual, nothing appeared on the screen. Usually the logon screen appears within a few seconds of the computer waking up but now it seems to be unresponsive. The last time I used my computer was a week ago as it’s been outside in my car; I will note that it is winter currently and the temperatures are below freezing. Hopefully someone can provide some helpful information and thank you in advance.

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Hi! If your computer turns on but it’s showing anything, here are some steps we you can try to fix it. First make sure your monitoring is working. Is the brightness all the way up? Your computer may still be rebooting. Give it some time then hold down on the power button to allow it to completely shut off then successfully turn on with a visible screen and functioning system. Your computer may very well be dead so, plug the charger in for 1 hour and then come back to see if it will turn on properly with a visible display. Also, because it was left in the extreme cold, it will need to warm up inside before attempting any of these suggested procedures. Good luck!

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