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carburetor clogged with old ethonal gas

how to I clean out a carburetor gummed up with old gas. The engine is a Kohler Courage SV470-610

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@joekohler , Joe, remove carburetor and disassemble using rags, carb cleaner, fine copper wire strand, and compressed air, clean carb with carb cleaner out side first then inside thoroughly, probe all passages/ports etc with wire, then carb cleaner and blow out the passages. The links below 1st is your manual showing exploded veiw of your carb and parts pg 23 and 2nd link shows disassembly and cleaning. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Metal fuel tanks are being rusted and corroded directly due to ethanol faster than you can believe it. The system is being destroyed by the accumulation of moisture which is added to the amount of water that's in the fuel anyway. No point in cleaning carburetors if you don't clean the entire fuel system including mechanical pumps. Ethanol will accumulate around the top half of the diaphragm and when a new carburetor is installed the diaphragm will pulse at its maximum travel indirectly download white dried up ethanol residue into your new unit your new carburetor. At first you'll get flooding then you'll get no fuel delivery.


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For future reference, I have found that if you can get your engine to run even for just a minute, there may be a way to avoid tearing down and rebuilding the carburetor. I did this on my Sears riding lawn mower, which would die after running for a minute, and it ran like new afterward. (Still is running like new a year later.)

Drain out the old gas. Get some fresh gas, and mix in a little Seafoam gas treatment ( Now fill your tank with the gas / Seafoam mix. Now crank your engine. If it will run even for a minute, this will give the Seafoam a chance to work its way through the system, cleaning the carb and the fuel system. If you can't get the engine started, spray some starting fluid ( into the carburetor intake, to try to get the engine started, so that the Seafoam can clean the carb / fuel system.

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Try the Seafoam first! It made a believer out of me.

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