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The EOS 6D was released in 2012 as Canon’s first consumer-level, full-frame DSLR. It comes pre-equipped with a 2.75”x2” LCD viewing screen, a GPS antenna and wifi connectivity.

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Replacing Mainboard on Canon 6D

Dears engineers, photographers and friends,

If replacing mainboard of Canon 6D, does the camera need to be calibrated? I see that the CCD board is screwed to the chasis, so is really calibration needed if just replacing the mainboard?

Any advise is appreciated,

Thank you!

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Hi, may I ask which "software" is it? spt?


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If using a new main board yes you will have to program it. The new boards come without data. if you happen to obtain a used one then the focus and shutter speed will have to be set still. If you don't have access to software to change it then the only solution to set the focus would be to see where the focus is at and then adjust the ccd screws in small turns until you can set the focus. You would have to keep taking the main board off and adjust the screws until focus is correct. I have software to adjust but when I didn't I used a Canon 50 1.4 lens and a focus chart that you can easily get online. I would mark the screw and the metal next to it to know how much i'm adjusting. If the unit is back focusing then I would back out the screw in small turns about half a turn depending on how far it's off. i would repeat this process until focus is correct. The main boards on Canon cameras need data like focus, white balance, shutter speed and so on to be set when replacing. Very rarely when I use a used main board will the focus be correct. Even if I save the data and write it to the main board I'm replacing the focus will still be off. When I use a new main board the focus is always way off on my chart.

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