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Issues after housing replacement

I changed the housing along with a new lcd on my iPhone 6s plus.

When I turn it on. It sometimes works and sometimes doesn't prompting the plug in charger icon. But oddly it will actually turn on sometimes and after a 10 - 20 seconds will shutdown with no notice.

Does this mean the battery has been damaged during housing replacement.

Secondly the antenna on the top left wasn't coming off as I didn't know about the hidden screw under sticker and I ripped it off.

Now the little plate on the back has broken off but I sandwiched it back and screwed it down. Should I replace with new one?

Update (01/03/2017)

ok switched battery and now problem solved.

i have a new issue now. The volume button randomly presses itself especially the vibrate rocker? does the flex for volume need to be changed?

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original flex solved issue and it seems i had battery issue too. now all is working fine

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Housing replacements are, oddly, more tricky than it sounds. The first problem could be a bad battery. The second problem sounds like you need to replace it with a new one for sure

I know you probably have figured this out. But I'll post a guide, just in case

This is the antennae in the top left

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they all 6 plus parts buddy. ihave 6s plus


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