The iMac is Apple's line of all-in-one desktop computers.

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will not start intermittent

this iMac will not power up all the time. If I wait Or go through the whole power reset it will come on then goes back to looking like it is dead.


If I power the machine on I hear the super drive start then it stops. Then it starts again. Then that stops nothing happens. Every once in a while the machine will startand run. Eventually it will shut itself off. Then nothing will start up with power button. I have tried the basic resets thsyt did not work.

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Help us help you we need more information to diagnose problem. Explain "if I wait" and what steps are the "whole power reset"? e.g. Is the machine running, shuts down and won't boot? Or, it won't power up after being shut down for X hr or min. but does after waiting y hr or min.?


Need help identifying your machine. There was no 17" A1224 only 20". These machines look very much alike but are different internally. Please look on the bottom of your stand for either an EMC#. and the Axxx number and a processor speed. The last three letters of your serial number would work to pinpoint it.


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This sounds like a capacitor problem to me. Please open the machine and examine the capacitors (cans) for swelling and/or corrosion and let us know your results. The last three figures of your serial number could help identify if your machine among those with this problem.

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