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Touch ID fails immediately

When I try to setup fingerprint it fails immediately and it really bugging me bad

Update (01/04/2017)

Block Image

this is the picture I have seen many with theirs grayed out but mine is not and reachability stills work.

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to elaborate on what @eddiemmr said even if you did transfer the original home button over from your old screen sometimes the TouchID extension ribbon glued onto the metal LCD shield can be faulty casing the TouchID function not to work. First check that all the connections are correctly positioned if they are all correct and clean try taking the metal shielding from your old screen and placing it on the new one, touch ID functionality should be restored after this.

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Thanks I did what you said and then restored my phone and now it's back working


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Has it ever had a replacement screen on it?

If so did you do it yourself?

Did they/you transfer the original home button across to the new screen or was one already attached to the new screen?

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