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Launched in June 2014, the DreamTab HD8 is a children's Android tablet created by Nabi and DreamWorks .

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Why is my tablet making a weird noise?

I bought the Dreamtab 8 for my son for it just shows a blank white screen with a weird noise coming from the speakers....I put it on the charger and it shows the red light showing its charging but I can't operate the tablet at all. I can't even turn it off or put the volume down. Is there a reset button? What do I do?

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You can do a factory reset but know that in doing so you loose all data no the tablet . This video can help

if this brings no joy try disconnecting the battery this ifixit guild will help you dont need to remove the battery just disconnect it for a few seconds

Nabi DreamTab HD8 Battery Replacement

Hope this helps

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