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How to solve rotation problems on screen

i have iphone 2g which was working fine from last 1.5 years and suddenly the camera capture button in the camera started tuning into down face whatever picture i capture it will show opposoit captured picture means (down face picture) and i have problem with some application as well like when i tried to play NSF car race game car will keep turning at the same place i cant control it and other apllication opens in down face and issue is i cant get landscape picture when i turn my mobile i cant able to view any application in landscape, not able to view landscpe keyboard. In one sentaence i can say i am not able view any thig in landscape & some of them doesnt work i f i see it also. please help me..

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i changed your question/title to something more practical, i think more people will search for this when they have problems. I also added some tags too.


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i think this may be a part called an accelerometer, it controls orientation of screen.

try a restore or update on the iphone, if it is jailbroken remove any apps needing rotating (ie games etc) if that doesn't work then restore.-this is advice from

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Poloride tablet 10 rotating wont stop cant shut off. Finally just goes off how to fix last i remember i have rotation off.

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