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Released in March, 2013. Identified by model L120 or Life One.

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My phone is not downloading pictures sent in text.

When I get a picture text it says download fail.

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Have you verified that your mobile data is enabled?


If it wasn't enabled, he/she wouldn't be receiving texts, and it is implied that this problem is repetitive.


Hi @pccheese

You can send/receive texts (SMS) without needing to have mobile data enabled, but not MMS


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Correct, SMS and MMS are 2 different types of texting protocols. MMS requires Data, and SMS does not. I would say a) check if data is disabled and b) if the picture is too large in data size. Mobile operators have size limits on picture attachments. Check with your cell phone service provider (i.e. T-Mobile, Verizon or AT&T) and see what their limits are and if this is the issue.

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