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A 2012 Aspire, part of a series of personal computers by Acer Inc. aimed at the casual household user or for small business use.

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Laptop keeps turning off

Why does my laptop always turning off after 5 minutes use

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Does it do this when you have the charger connected and switched on or only when it is on the battery?

Can you hear the fan running and also feel the air coming out of the fan air vents?


It does this when I have the laptop plugged into the mains power, with and without the battery.


Laptop performance slowing down, or the laptop is shutting off completely because the laptop is trying to protect itself from damage caused by an excessive heat build-up. There are times when a laptop will turn off because of a virus or malware, hardware or software problems/conflicts as well. [url=][/url]


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Thank you everyone for the assistance, I found out that the thermal paste required resealing on the heatsink. All fixed

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When plugged in, does the indicator light on the laptop showing it's plugged in stay on the entire time, or does it go off if you move the connector tip inside the DC jack?

If it goes off, then you either need a new power adapter (easy to test with another similar adapter with correct voltage input) or your DC jack/jack cable/DC board needs replacing, whichever your laptop has.

If it stays on then it's possible that you have a clogged heatsink causing your laptop processor to overheat. Laptops are supposed to shut themselves off if the processor gets too hot to prevent permanent damage. What brand and model is your laptop?

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acer aspire 5755 it says it is ‘self diagnosing’ and goes through a percent and then it shuts down even though it isn’t hot or overheating…is it just old and needs refurbishing? Or should i just buy a new one which i cannot afford. ;(

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