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Top and bottom Screen keeps on Flickering

My laptop screen top and bottom part are flickering every now and then. I tried to connect it on the other monitor to see if it still flicker and to my surprise it displays normally. What is the problem of my laptop screen? Do i have to replace the screen? How much would it cost if I buy new Samsung screen? Please help... Thank you...

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Does it happen if you try the screen (lid) in different positions?

Try "gently" pressing around the hinge area of the screen/lid (both left and right side) to see if you can make the problem occur? (this is the area where the video cable passes through from the motherboard to the screen)

It could be a faulty video cable, a faulty (loose) video cable connection at either end (motherboard or screen) or a faulty LCD screen.


Hello jayeff!

Thank you for the reply... i tried pressing both ends (left-right, top bottom) but still flickers. I will try to open the screen to check the cable connection, i hope it just a loose of cable connection because i dont have any idea where to find the exact LCD screen for this. :(


Hi @isurfnplay ,

If you open the laptop lid to get to the screen (use the link that @theimedic posted to show you how) to check the connector, look on the back of the LCD panel. Usually there is a part number printed on it somewhere. Search online using just the number only and hopefully there will be results for suppliers of the part


hi @jayeff and @theimedic , thank you for your time and help...


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hi! thank you for the link ...


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