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Furby was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furbies sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furbies sold over 40 million units.

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Furby thinks his shaking.

Furby thinks it shake in the vertical position and therefore always turns into the evil.

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Same problem with the 2012 furby model... It also wakes up by the minimal vibration he senses... I've searched online but I didn't found any comments about this problem...


I have the same problem since my 2012 furby decided to jump of my drawer when I wasn't looking


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How to get your Furby to change personality?

Default Personality. All Furbies start off like this. You can get this personality back by turning your Furby upside down, holding down the tongue, and holding the tail pulled for 2 seconds.

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This isn't related to the shaking problem at all. The furby tilt sensor is probably at fault here. It's broken/too sensitive and even when furby moves by itself(while dancing etc) he thinks he's being shaken. But it doesn't have to work like that. For example as soon as I reset it it goes into the grumpy personality because he thinks he's being shaken. It also wakes up by itself after he fall asleep because the movement he does while he's closing his eyes it makes him think he's being shaken.


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If your furby thinks it shaking while in the vertical position and switches its personality to evil/Feisty/ Viking mode. The furby tilt sensor is broken or too sensitive. For instance, if the furby dances, he may stop, since he thinks he's being shaken. I advise to take apart the furby to clean/replace his tilt sensor

This site might help even though it's for older Furby's:

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Have you had any results fixing the issue in the 2012 furby? I'm having the same issue, and I found like 1-2 posts on reddit where people talked about not being able to fix it in their 2012 furbies / not being able to locate where the tilt sensor even is


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