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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Battery drains fast in sleep mode

Recently, when I put my laptop to sleep, it drains from 100 to 0 percent in less than 24hrs. How can I fix it? Also, why does it not have option to hibernate? This laptop is windows 8.

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I fixed it. It was a task in task library that was having it run something when idle. When I deleted that, it has returned to normal battery life in sleep mode, which lasts for days.

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When you say your putting your laptop to sleep are you just closing the lid with the laptop running ? Does the screen actually go off or are you assuming it does? You may want to check to see you've actually got the machine set for hibernation or sleep mode in the settings. Go into the control panel and find the power options and select the option that best suits your needs. Hope this helps

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