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A playlist that was deleted is still playing on my iPod!

there is a playlist on my ipod touch 3g (Christmas music) that has been deleted but the music from that playlist is still playing on my Ipod! I checked the Ipod playlists and the playlist entitled Christmas Music has been deleted but all the music from that playlist still plays on the ipod! I first deleted the playlist by plugging into my laptop and deleting it through iTunes. And this Christmas music that is still playing is not on any other playlist!

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Try a hard reboot (press the wake button and home together for about 10 seconds). That might do the trick.

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Tried that... it didn't work..... I think I need a new IPOD. This one is haunted! Actually, for what I need, I am looking into the newest one as I need a good camera anyway. The one on my LG Ultimate 2 smartphone (droid) is the absolute worst but do not want to invest in an iphone or plan. I use tracfone for my phone service. A new IPOD 5 Gen might do it for me. Thanks though!


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