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Repair and troubleshooting for the Brother Industries multi-function printer with model number MFC-J430W.

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Yellow color does not print

The yellow color was not printing and the other three colors printing normally.

What is the problem and how to rectify it?

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I would start by making sure the driver is current. In addition many of the color printers offer a diagnostic function and tools to verify the tank levels via the printer driver. Have you tried using the built-in tools?

  • Check the tank make sure it has ink
  • Clean the Yellow printhead
  • Run the printer test & alignment program

Also what is the OS your system is running and are you accessing it directly or via a print server.

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I was told that with this problem the more cleaning you do the more ink gets smeared on the printheads. The more ink is going to dry up and clog the pathway. That I should " simply" clean the cartridge/print head assembly! "Simply!" But, no suggestions on how this is "simply" done.


Sometimes the people who write the guides don't understand whats involved ;-}

Clearly this is a 'Simple' problem Ha!

All the kidding aside... I use a Cotton Swab (Q-Tip) and give it a pass or two following the direction of the jets for the given color. After I do this I run a test print to see if the ink is working. Some printers offer a print head cleaning routine.


Answers here totally miss the point. My Brother MFC-J4510DW prints green instead of yellow, including in the grid on the TEST PRINT page. The array of dots - black, yellow, cyan, magenta is black, green, cyan, magenta. It has nothing to do with cartridges in the wrong slots or print head cleaning.


@Keith Davis - Sometimes you need to read the full answer which includes the comments. I made it very clear it was either the ink level or the print head was clogged.

Did you check your ink tank to see if it has ink? That was the very direction outlined.

Where did you get to the idea the cartridge was in the wrong slot? Most printers have a keyway to prevent that (unless you break the key).


Dan, the yellow cart is new. I'm getting green in the test page dots, should be yellow. Wouldn't be green anyway without the yellow to go with the cyan!


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@danj and Keith Davis - I, too, am having this trouble. I have a Brother MFC-J5830DW and somehow my yellow has tank slot has become contaminated with blue ink (presumable because yellow is now green). I’ve done everything prescribed above (clean print head, Q-tip the as much contaminated blue ink as possible, changed the yellow ink tank) and still teal like green print from the yellow head. I’ve begun to clean only the yellow ‘clean head’ option in the printer and have now ‘copied’ as bright canary yellow sheet of paper on photo quality several time. Even though the out put is no longer blue - it’s light green yellowish, I feel like I’m going to have a contaminated yellow for sometime.

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Just a quick update. I believe, in time, my yellow tank will be as intended (not contaminated). My last color copy required a 'gold' color. It's close but looks more dirty (like 'straw' yellow). It's definitely better than yesterday.

I did read on other web help sites that one can clean out the tank to head path with warm Distilled water. My copies & printouts are not that critical so I'm not interested. I also noted that some people notice the contamination can occur from the pad that the print head rests on (either during non-use or is used during the head cleaning process). I believe this may have been my issue as I notice the 'initial' edge of the printouts are more blue/yellow than the rest of the print out. As if the head was resting on the contaminated pad (with blue were the yellow print head should rest). Just a thought, I honestly don't know to locate where this pad is on my printer and, again, time will see the 'blue' contamination dissipate.


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I’ll see if the blue is leaching over to the yellow somehow. Can’t remember if drivers were reinstalled where a bug might be firing the blue at the same time as yellow. Doubt that. Sure wish Brother would address this/

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Keith, did you ever get clarity on this? Our printer is doing the same. Now our yellow tank is green. We've replaced it and now it's just printing black.


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