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This is a touch-screen controller associated with the Wii U video game console. It was released on November 18th, 2012, and available in black or white. Model number: WUP-010(USA)

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Wii U Gamepad Digitizer and buttons issue

I ordered a broken wii u off of ebay. The console works fine, but the gamepad is broken. The auction said it was taken to a non nintendo repair person for a cracked digitizer. The auction said it wasn't working.

I received the gamepad and system and tested it. The gamepad's touchscreen was working at first and I was able to sync it to the console. I did notice that it wasn't the most responsive screen. The second time I powered it up to test a game disk, the gamepad digitizer stopped working. I also noticed some buttons didn't do anything. I can't navigate the menu with the dpad. Of the xyab buttons, only x will do anything.

I'm guessing something went wrong with the repair or a defective replacement digitizer. I'll likely have to replace the digitizer. I'm just wondering if it would be easier to replace the whole screen? The screen is working and replacing just the digitizer would be cheaper. I'm not sure which I want to do.

What I'm not sure on is the buttons. I would imagine that I could navigate the menu with the dpad, or am I wrong about that? I think the A and B buttons were working when the touchscreen was working.

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I tried taking it apart. Unfortunately, I didn't see anything wrong with the connectors for the dpad and other buttons. I did try to clean a few of the ribbon cables with contact cleaner, but that didn't help.

One question, can you use the dpad to navigate the different squares on the gamepad's menu? When the screen with all the mii characters is up, I can move the screen around with the dpad. It just doesn't work with the other one. The X button works, but the others don't on either screen.

I did see a couple small scratches on the edge of the digitizer. That was the only damage I could see. I'm just going to have to order a new digitizer. Is it fused to the lcd panel? I've seen people say it is and it isn't.

I did notice that my gamepad is different from the one in the guide. The speakers on my pad are soldered to the motherboard.


I used a wii remote to navigate the menu and get into a game. All the buttons worked fine while playing. It's only when I'm in the menu or system settings that the directional pad and A, B, Y buttons don't work.


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I would recommend you to first take a part the Gamepad and look at the connections for the buttons. Sometimes things were not put together correctly and if you look that you do it correct then it might work.

Wii U GamePad LCD Display Replacement

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If all the buttons work in the game, but not in the menu of Wii then it isn't any hardware error with the buttons. Have you rtied using a new battery in the Gamepad? It could perhaps also be a error with the Ram / software since it only happens in the menu but not with the games.


It's strange. When I'm navigating the app menu from the gamepad, the only buttons that don't work are the Directional pad, Y, A, and B. The X button, other buttons on the face of the pad, and the shoulder buttons all work. Once I'm in a game, the only thing wrong is the touchpad.

I haven't tried a different battery. I also didn't see any obvious damage to the touchpanel. There is a black rimmed plastic shield that sits on top of the touchpanel. I think I might try taking that off and seeing if it works with out that. At the least, see if a couple small scratches are on the shield or the touch panel.

At the minimum, I should replace the touch panel. At the moment, I can't navigate the system settings with the wii remote. I also don't want to try any resets of the gamepad, since I wouldn't be able to sync it without the touchpanel.

That's one of the strange things. The touchpad worked at first. It wasn't very responsive, but it worked. I just wonder if that could be interfering with the buttons


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I replaced the touch screen and that appears to have fixed my problems. I did leave off the plastic bezel that was on top of the old touch screen. Does the gamepad need that? Here is a pic of the bezel that was sitting on top of the old touch screen.

Block Image

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Could you upload a foto of the bezel?


I added a picture of the bezel.


I do not know Is the screen sitting thigh enough in the case or is it loose?


It's not loose. I think that plastic piece is just to help protect the edges of the screen.


Hey Jason, Did you replace the touchscreen with LCD or just the digitizer?

I have the same issue in my gamepad, but not able to figure out if I should replace just the digitizer or the whole LCD panel.


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