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Would 3D Touch work after repair?

I have to replace my iPhone 6s Plus' glass screen and digitizer. I was wondering that if after the repair, would 3D Touch work? Do I have to get a specific package from this site?

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As you're going to be ordering a whole replacement display assembly it is safe to say that the sensors for 3D Touch will be a part of the repair. They are embedded with the LCD and Digitizer as another layer. If you're feeling curious, get a high intensity light and a decent magnifying glass and look at the LCD when off you may see a series of fine lines that make up both the digitizer and the force sensor on the LCD. If you'd like more detail, check out iFixit's teardown of the iPhone 6S and 6S+ for some great photos.

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what if your just replacing a cracked screen (not replacing the digitizer) would it still work?


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iPhone 6s Plus Screen

The 3d touch and lcd are one. Replace your screen with the one linked above and youll be good to go.

iPhone 6s Plus Screen Görseli


iPhone 6s Plus Screen


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