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Flash unit for use with Nikon Cameras

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Corroded battery flash no longer operates

I have 2 nikon flash units. SB 600 and SB 800

Both sat for 3 years and the batteries corroded. I cleaned the battery cntacts and the SB 80 will turn on but will not fire. The 600 is a paperweight. I have not cleaned internally. Is there a tek?

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Awesome!!!! Rubbing Alcohol & Vinegar Worked great on my SB-5000.


I used rubbing alcohol and vinegar as well on my SB-700 along with pencil eraser and Q-Tips...It cleaned up the corroded contact


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@ericofmemphis, Eric, May need a good quality set of new batteries. Try this to clean the contacts on your flash one more time to ensure good contact. The best commonly available thing to clean the camera battery corroded contacts with is distilled vinegar and Q tip/cloth/small brush then very light polish with extra fine steel wool or an ink eraser on a pen, followed by a little 90% isopropyl alcohol on a clean cloth. Then dry the contacts with a dry clean cloth. You want to avoid using a cloth that will leave lint/dust behind. Finish by blowing out with a can of compressed air to get rid of any fibers or grit from polishing. Check the attached links dismantling and cleaning, instruction and guides, Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Eric Thank you for posting your question and answer…I followed instructions of vinegar, alcohol and compressed air!! SB-600 is as good as new..

ALSO thank thankyou Google for finding this site!!!


I had the exact same problem. Batteries corroded and the SB-600 wouldn’t come on anymore. I tried the alcohol and vinegar and its working again!! Thanks!


found this 3 years later, thank you thank you thank you1


Great advice!! I thought my speed light was toast and this fixed it good as new!! Thank you!!


This worked perfectly! Thank you! The local photo store told me to buy a new one!


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If you want to avoid this problem in the future, quit putting alkaline batteries in it. They all leak. Use NiMH instead, preferably a premium brand. This will be a big win, since not only will the NiMH cells not leak into your equipment, but they actually have a longer run time in higher-current equipment, such as photo strobes. The higher the current, the greater the advantage over alkaline cells, whose capacity collapses at high current. If you use the flash heavily, you will want maximum capacity (runtime). If only normal use, you will probably want a low self-discharge cell, such as Panasonic Eneloop. I've been using these since 2010 (the same cells, now 13 years old), with zero failures. They have also saved me a great deal of money over that time.

You will need a smart charger. Also, be sure not to buy name-brand but low-capacity cells. The Eneloops are 1900 mAH and are low self-discharge. No reason to go any lower than that.

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