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1.4 GHz işlemcili, 1280x800 piksel LCD ve 149 ppi çoklu dokunmatik ekrana sahip 10.1 inç Samsung tablet bilgisayar. Cihazın model numarası GT-N8013ZW'dur. Ağustos 2012'de piyasaya sürülen bu cihazın tamiri oldukça kolaydır.

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Boot Loop Issue - ODIN MODE

Hi All,

Looking to repair my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It's stuck on the boot loop issue.

I have tried everything: Hard/Soft reset, connecting to the comp, booting into recovery mode, remove battery, nothing works.

I tried to flash the BIOS as recommended online, although my comp doesn't find the device when connected via USB. I also tired to boot it into recovery mode to wipe the device, but i only get the option to boot into ODIN mode.

At a bit of a loss here... any suggestions or ideas?

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Have you tried re-flashing the OS via Samsung Keyes?

Or re-flash via ODIN itself?

The actual ROM to flash in ODIN can be found at, but I need to your exact model number to post a direct link.


Or Sammobile or Updato.


OK update.

Not sure how or why, but tried the tablet out on my friends laptop running Vista and drivers and download and device comes up on ODIN.

What do i do next? Ie what ROM do i need to flash my device and fix this boot loop issue.

Also model number is: GT-N8010


hi please i have a note 10.1 2014 edition and whilst downloading custom os the cord slipped out of it and now it wont register in odin309

plz help


yours cinserely Jarred


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Try to flash with Z3X tool with 4 files

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That requires a Z3X box to do so, but if a flash of Samsung stock firmware fails, it's usually the tablet that is no good.


could be EMMC error, you can fix it if you have easyJtag tool box


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I have the same problem and I have tried all the best I could have done in a few days but everywhere I found something in the hope that I can do it to fix it so on these tablets leaving the memory EMMC is still the servicebox option (Z3X, RIFF, OCTOPLUS ) but my opinion is the same and it is only a temporary solution when it starts to blink it will be still. Best to replace the BGA eMMC flash or the entire motherboard

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