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The Sony Xperia Z5 Android smartphone was released in October 2015. The Sony Xperia Z5 features 5.2 inches 1080 x 1920 pixels display and is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor alongside 3GB RAM and a 23 MP rear camera.

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Proximity sensor wonkey..easy fix?

I've got the famous going black z5 phone on phone calls problem. I am pretty sure it's the proximity sensor distance from the glass. As I can press the corner to make it almost work properly. My questions are where is the sensor and is it separate from everything else? My guess was is on the motherboard possibly? If so how do I change it's position? Is this an easyish fix or am I going to have soon big problems? I've looked at the heating process and a few other bits but I've only changed a few iphone screens and parts so far. I have a ifixit gel pack but maybe it's not the best for this? Maybe hairdryer? Will I have to remove the battery as well? Anyway thanks for any help!

Update (02/24/2017)

Ah no... thanks I tried that earlier as well as now but again I have to squeeze the corner to get it to stop being black :s or wait I guess... I think I have finally located the sensor!

Block Image

I think it's at the top there on the motherboard...not sure how I'm going to adjust that if needed :s .

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I have the same problem. Replaced my screen with a original Sony z5. Reassembled it now the proximity sensor does not work. Every time I make a call the screen goes black. Tried cleaning the sensor along with the LCD screen still nothing tried collaborating NOTHING! Help please haha


I did fix it see more here : xperia z5 proximity switch my problem was the distance between the sensor and front glass was slightly off because the frame was slightly bent and the back was pressed in hard so was pulling the motherboard back a tiny bit. Anyway check for anything that alters the distance...I eventually put the back on softly in the closest corner to the sensor. But it might mess with the water proofing I guess. But it worked :) .


I use Sony z5 with android version of 7.1.1 and the proximity sensor isn't working properly. If I receive a call, the monitor turns off


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I owned one of these temporarily (long story). Anyway, the proximity sensor is somewhere near the Sony logo at the top of the phone. Its almost like a camera in its functionality. I found that dirty glass or even a glossy screen protector interfered with it. I suppose if you could take off the top glass, you can replace or clean the sensor.

Here is the tear down guide and see if it is worth the trouble or not.

Sony Xperia Z5 Teardown

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Yes I had looked at that already and the bit were the motherboard comes off is I thought were the proximity sensor comes off as well? It's not mentioned in the video I think. Also I've only got an ifixit gel pad and a hairdryer do you think one of these can open it? Tnx


Actually I completely forgot.

Before you do open heart surgery on that nice phone try this:

First reboot the phone. After reboot type *#*#7378423#*#* then press dial. In the menu that will come go to calibration and then choose proximity sensor do the test. This hopefully will recalibrate the sensor.


Added comment reply to original post... :)


I should add that there's is also a slight problem with the power button. I can see a really tiny dent next to it andI get the feeling it's been pushed in slightly and is possibly not reading finger prints as well as it should. I think that could even be part of the miss alignment. I will swap the power button and hopefully realign the motherboard / sensor I guess. I guess I should get a heat gunas well to do it properly. I won't get any discoloration from the heat will I? It's the silvery version. Hopefully I can make it waterproof as well. Guess I'll need the back cover adhesive and the battery adhesive. Anything I've missed? Tnx


Don't worry about a heat gun. Using an 1800w hair dryer on low speed, high heat is about the same.


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proximity sensor reset on google play solves the problem.

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