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The first of the new generation Nokia devices – the first with a 1080p screen, the first with a quad-core Krait processor

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Why does my Nokia 1520 have 'white spots' on the screen?

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I purchased a so-called 'Refurbished' Nokia 1520 with a description written by the seller stating the screen has 'white spots'. I was wondering if the white spots are directly related to the LCD and if there are quality replacement parts I can purchase to start my own refurbishment of the phone.


Justin B.

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@justinberry080 since we cannot see what you see I am going with the assumption that this is an LCD error. Always remember that this could also be caused by main board and connection issues. If you still have trouble with it later, post a couple of images with your question. Use this guide for that. To help with the replacement of the display,use this video that follows the service manual. If you are more of a reader, get the service manual on this page. Scroll down to service documents and click on the blue link, that will download the manual. This will show you how to properly disassemble your phone to make the necessary repairs. As to where to purchase the parts, it will depend on where you are located. Alibaba, Ebay and Amazon might be a good start. Once you know what specifically you are looking make use of your favorite online search engine.

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Looks like liquid behind the backlight.


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