Shutter Release and Auto Focus

The shutter release and auto focus on my Canon 350D have stopped working. Suddenly, with no indication of degradation.

The camera turns on/off fine. Screen lights up, all buttons/functions appear to work.

Any diagnosis and what to do next please.

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Have you tried with another lens?


depending on your settings the shutter will not release unless you have something in focus, can you hear the autofocus motor at all??


Thank you for your advice.

Response to SW:

Unfortunately I do not have another lens - just the standard 18-55. I will see if any of my friends can help.

Response to rayeasom:

I was in the process of photographing the members of my club. Members seated, auto flash off, camera on tripod, shutter delay activated. Did a dozen successfully, then shutter delay would not count down. Tried manual shutter release - did not work. No autofocus or sound of autofocus motor.

More info:

Another source has diagnosed pcb failure, but the screen works and back panel operations are recognised and shown on the screen.


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