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Can't start 04 santa fe after changing fuel pump

changed fuel pump on my 04 santa fe, won't start, how do I bleed the air?

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There should be a schrader valve on the fuel rail . Find this then cycle the key and listen for the pump dont engage the starter just turn the key to the run position . once you've heard the pump run and shut off then go to the shrader valve and release the pressure on the rail . Put a cloth over the valve to catch the gas as it will spray out with pressure . Repeat this a couple of times then finally cycle the key again until the pump shuts off and without releasing the pressure at the valve , try to start the car. If at any point you dont hear the pump running there is a problem with the pump or in the relays or fuses and this must be addressed. Hope this helps

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I replace my fuel filter put it back together and it will not start I've put a few new fuel pump in the only way it will start if I use starter fluid I was hoping the fuel get to the fuel rail but it's not as dry as a bone what should I do while tested everything


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@santafe04 , jake , Normally bleeding not required with electric fuel pumps, do you hear the pump coming on and off when you turn the ignition on(not cranking engine), if not recheck installation, plugs/wires/fuses for pump. If you do hear the pump maybe give the engine a little help, with a squirt, once or two of fresh gas directly in the throttle body. The engine should start and run, at least until the fuel you fed it runs out. You can try this a couple times and if the pump has not kicked in by then to take over, the pump is either defective, insufficient gas in tank, clogged filter, damaged pinched fuel line, bad fuel regulator, etc. or there is a different problem that may be diagnosed with a scan tool by retrieving trouble codes. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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