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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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My 1990 Honda accord EX-R hood latch is bent inward, how do I fix it?

I rear ended someone a couple weeks ago and i got a new hood for my 1990 honda accord but my hood wont shut flush. I looked at my hood latch and it is bent inward, is there anyway i can fix it myself, if so, how?

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diego tamesis , If you are talking about the hood latch on top of rad support they can be bent out fairly easy. Tie a rope/chain/cable around the area of the latch/cradle and the other end wraps around a 2x4, put a rag between 2x4 and bumper, now use the 2x4 to pry the hood latch/cradle into correct position. May have to fine tune with a heavy hammer and board. Ifyou are not removing any thing such as radiator,A/C condenser,etc. take your time and be careful as you do not to damage other parts. See the link below, same idea, just not as drastic. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Thank you so much! appreciate it


diego tamesis, your welcome, I have actually had to do this before on a friends car. If you like the answer, accept it thanks.


Hi @lpfaff1 ,

Is a 'heavy hammer' also known as an American screwdriver where you are as well? ;-)


jayeff, :-))) I have not heard it termed that way, but maybe by some!


I had heard of that but the urban dictionary has:


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