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I plugged in the printer in the UK, without a power-transformer.

It made a loud-ish POP noise and weird, heavy smoke came out from underneath, like a puddle. It's probably unfixable, but I'll give it free to anyone willing to try!

It cost me nearly £300 and I could have wept when it happened, after I realised about needing a transformer, etc...

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ailsa.laing the part that usually fails by receiving an over-voltage is the power supply. The pop and smoke is most certainly coming from the caps on the board. Consider replacing the complete power supply with on that supports your voltage. Part number for that is LT0485001 and you can download the service manual from here

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Would you like me to send it to you? You can have this brand-new, unused printer for the price of the postage from the UK. It's in its box, all manuals, etc, intact, but I've bought another one that works on UK voltage. Plus I don't have the smarts to fix it!


ailsa.laing I really appreciate that offer. I am sure that the postage would cost more than a new printer. I suggest you contact @reecee on here and see if he can assist you or knows a place on your side of the world that can help you out.


Ok, I'm going to print off this Q&A and give it to a local repair shop.

Many thanks for your help!


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