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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by ProScan.

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How can I reset my ProScan PLT 8801 K tablet

How can I reset my ProScan PLT 8801 K tablet

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I did that. factory reset Rebooted

Now my tablet just flashes proscan android .. Can't use it now. How do I fix it ?


I factory reset it several times and it still keeps flashing proscan android.. What do I do ?


Can't get into tablet. . Just flashes over and over. I factory reset it about 10 times. Screen pops up. I scroll down ..hit wipe clean reset ..then I reboot it .. Same thing..

Just flashes


How can I boost the speed of this tablet. Please can you tell me


I cannot get my PROSCAN PLT8801K to connect to the internet


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If you can get into the tablet:

1.Click/Tap the settings

2.Choose the privacy

3.Click/tap the reset phone

4. Select Erase Everything

5.After that your device will be wiped and it will be a factory fresh state

6.From the home screen,tap the menu

7. Select settings

8.Select Reset and back up

9.Choose factory data reset

10.Tap Reset device

If you cannot get into the device

1. Turn off your tablet

2. Press Volume Up + Power Button + Home

3. Recovery Menu would be up by now

4. Scroll down and Find " Wipe Data/ Factory Reset"

5. Click next , Scroll down until you find " Yes-- Delete all data "

6. Confirm and Reboot your tablet.

7. on a reset you will need to enter the password for your google account that was used to login originally on the tablet

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when the device is off press power button and one of the volume buttons then you will see proscan.

a menu should come up with some option use volume buttons to go up or down use power button to select.

choose factory rest

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