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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Reset replace toner error


Does anyone know how to override the replace toner error on this new HL-L5100DN version of Brother laser printer? The toner is only a month old!

Much appreciated!


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I can't get it to work... I have before. I believe I've been able to reset it once for each of the three colores and twice for the black. This printer is about 6 months old. I manually refilled the toner in the cartridge so I know it's not empty. For some reason, now it's saying the black is emply but when I push the back and cancel button at that same time (it takes many tries to get it to work), then select the black toner, and it gives me an option to press the up button to reset or the down button to exit. If I push the up button, nothing happens. I can use that button in other funtions of the menu so it's not a broken button. Has anyone else come across this and how did you fix it? Brother's website says it won't let you bypass that message with a starter toner cartridge but I already have before... I have the Brother HL-L3230CDW.


yes I have the same issue. My guess is that they removed the reset function in the new firmware. The thing is that it gives you the finger just when you want to print, and your stuck. its only 6 months old, but nobody wants to print on it anymore, so I will throw it in the trash. No more brother in this place!


Toner reset instructions for Brother DCP printer series

Open the front cover of the printer.

Press the Clear / Back button.

The printer display should now show 'Replace drum'.

Press the Start button.

Then press the up or down button.

When 00 appears on the printer display, press OK.

Close the front cover.

This will clear the 'Toner Low' error and allow for continuous printing.





My name is milanpreet

My printer brother HL-L2351DW error replace toner



how to reset toner error in brother dcp-l2680dw, 2640DW AND 2605DW printer


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Found the answer! This solution will work for most of this type of printer (with an electronic instead of physical power switch and a button that says 'Secure').

Ensure that the 'data' pending light is not flashing.

Open the top lid of the printer and leave ajar.

Press both the “Secure” and “X Cancel” buttons together. Hold them together if needed.

In the case of the HL-L5100DN, just press 'OK' on the first item listed 'TNR-STR'

Or use the arrow keys to select the cartridge model you would like to reset and press “OK”.

Press the UP arrow '+' to select 'Reset' of the the cartridge.

Once reset is selected you will see “ACCEPTED” on the screen.

Phew! I can print again.


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Thank you, thank you. It worked!


Thanks, I was just about to throw this out the window !!!!


It doesn't exactly work like this: you need to press *first* on "Secure", *then* press "Cancel" while maintaining "Secure" pressed. If you do press both at the same time it says something about missing data and it does not show the toner reset menu.




Thank you for saving me and my colleague from literally ripping our hair out as this actually works !!!


Re: Albert's post. For me it was exactly the opposite. I tried pressing Secure and Cancel at the same time, then repeatedly tried Secure followed by Cancel. Finally pressing Cancel THEN Secure brought up the menu.


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Here's how I reset the toner error message on my Brother HL-5200DW printer:

1. Open the front door & leave open

2. Press the back button until "Machine Info" appears on the display

3. Hold the "Cancel" and "Secure" buttons simultaneously

4. Use up/down to select the appropriate toner cartridge

5. "Ok" button

6. Hit the up arrow to perform the reset

7. Close the door and print!

I hope this helps people!

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A life saver! Also works on Brother HL-L5000D - thank you


I have a hl2280dw It does not have the above buttons and it doesn't recognize the new toner cartridge.


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ALTERNATIVELY there is a manual switch that tells the printer you have a new toner in there. On the left side of the toner there’s part of a black circle, it’s like 3 slices of a pie left, if you will, and if you turn that all the way counter-clockwise the printer will believe it’s a new toner cartridge. You have to sometimes pull the circle/knob toward you a little to get it to turn. There is a little arm off on one part of the circle — you’ll know when you see it— it needs to be spun until it’s pointing in between the two notches to the top of the circle, at like 12 and 1 o’clock

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Goto General Setup > Replace Toner

Select “Continue”

Press apply

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I have a Brother MFC 6935 ink jet using LC 3029 cartridges. It won’t print due to ONE color being out of ink.

So what i did (until my new ink arrived), took the Mag cartridge that was out, and mixed a solution of Isopro Alcohol and water with 1 drop of Dawn. Used 10 % Iso and 90 % water. Use a syringe and needle to inject about 5 ml into the cartridge. mixed it up and inserted into the printer.

It no longer gave me the “out of ink” mssg”. I set my printer on my computer to print “Gray Scale” to avoid too much mixture going to the print head.

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How to clear replace toner error in brother- b7535dw printer


I have a Brother HL-L3290CDW that indicates No Toner when all cartridges have been replaced. I tried resetting with no luck. I took it to a printer repair shop where they recommended replacing with LD cartridges, which I did. I've been through the Menu and now at a loss.


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