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HD action camera released October 5, 2014.

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How much to fix GoPro

Hi, my GoPro has water damage and the screen will not turn on and keeps beeping. How much would it cost to have this sent to you and repaired?



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@james_cush ifixit does not do repairs. What ifixit offers are great guides like these, that allow you to work on your own device. This forum has volunteers trying to help others taking care of their devices.

I'd suggest that you use the guides to disassemble your GoPro and clean all the components with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. While you clean it check the components on the boards for any obvious damage like corrosion and check to see if there are any missing. Once it is cleaned, reassemble and then re-evaluate to see what damage it has. Remember that for as long a it is not cleaned, you cannot properly troubleshoot.

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How can i figure out the problem on my GoPro so than i can replace the right part?


@eudierjr you have not told anyone what the problem is, which GoPro you have and what you have tried to fix it.


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