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The HP ZBook 15 is a powerful mobile workstation with advanced processing capability. Released in October 2013, this computer has the power and speed of a desktop in a highly portable package. Identifiable by model number F1M31UT. Most parts are easily accessible allowing for quick, simple repairs.

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Why does my game suddenly lag?

why does my game suddenly lag?

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Is, it every game? or just the one


What game lags? Are you in some crazy or intense scene when it happens? or is it all the time


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I depends on the game. If you are playing Minecraft at 720p on low settings, you might have an issue. But if you are running something like Crysis 3 at high and/or ultra settings at 1080p, it is probably too much for your CPU and/or GPU.

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I was playing Gta 5, nba 2k17, and wwe 2k17 at first it was running smooth but suddenly lag then after few weeks it runs smoothly again and same thing happens


Try turning the settings down a bit. Things such as MSAA x and anti-aliasing can affect your performance. It may also be thermal throttling. If the fan ramps up and it gets hot, that may be what it is. If that is the case, try a laptop cooling pad. Hope that helps!


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