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The ID49C07u is Gateway's laptop first manufactured in 2010 with an Intel Core i3 processor and 14" display.

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Why is my laptop not turning on?

For some reason when I press the power button to turn my laptop on, there is no response.

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Hello - first connect your laptop to its AC adapter to ensure a dead battery is not the issue. Also, disconnect any external devices connected to the laptop (i.e. mouse, USB device, etc.). If this doesn't help, disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery (guide is provided by our page). Leave the battery disconnected for at least a minute, then reconnect and try powering on. If this doesn't work, most likely the hardware of the laptop has failed in some way, and you should either contact Gateway for recommendations, or just take it to a computer repair shop to have them diagnose the issue.

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I tried all those if when you press power button and the computer is not responding but those lights on the laptop are turning on what might be the problem because I thought the problem might be the screen but the screen is fine

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Closed new gateway slim but when I opened it to use absolutely nothing. No power at all. No indicator lights. Does not have removable battery. Tried the hard reset thing holding power button. Nothing. Help. It's fairly new.


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