Nextbook Tablet Keeps Factory Resetting? Help...?

Hi, I recently got a NextBook Tablet for a gift. Well, when i got it, it was working perfectly fine, but then recently about a month or two ago,.. i was on my tablet playing a game or something, i can't quite remember.. but when i went to sleep that night, and woke up the next morning, it was like i shut off my tablet ... but i don't recall doing that, so when i unplugged the tablet from my charger, I turned it on and it took about 10 minutes just to boot up, and when it finally turned on, it was like i did a factory reset, so i checked my memory and it said, 0.00mb ? And then when i thought it was just loading.. i logged into my google account and then i left it on my bed for a few hours, and then it was like i shut it off again... and then i turned it back on, and ALL my data was gone, just like it was when i first turned it on.. but my internal storage says, "0.00Mb" But i actually did get an app from google chrome instead of google play because it didn't let me get anything from the playstore, but then.. it started lagging, and I just don't know .. Why does it keep factory resetting and why does it say i have 0.00mb?

UPDATE~ I do have all my pictures still, but all the apps and games are gone..


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You said all your apps are gone but you kept all your photos? It could be an issue with a disk partition but I'm not sure how to fix it.


Okay. I just got really annoyed with it deleting my games but not my photos.


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