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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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Why is my wd passport ultra making a clicking sound?

I dropped my wd passport ultra external drive for my computer and now there is a loud clicking noise and it will not show up on my laptop and when it does it shows up as something else which I still can't access. Is there any way I can get this fixed and where?

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Clicking sound means there is physical damage on the hard drive, and it is having difficulty reading the surface of the disk. If your drive doesn't show up in a computer, unfortunately you will have to take the drive to a professional, but it will be extremely expensive to retrieve your data.

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Thank you! Do you know where I could take it to get it analyzed and fixed? Could I take it to best buy for geek squad?


Best Buy and Geek Squad probably don't have the equipment to recover your information. I would google 'data recovery <your city>' and check yelp reviews and pricing of each company. I've see flat rates of $300 or so.


Thank you very much. I will definitely try that. You've been very helpful.


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These guys/gals are pretty well the top of the pros and proud of it. High $.

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Thank you very much. I'll check it out. Hopefully it is well in my price range.


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I have 2 external drives and when connected via a USB 3 hub they made a clicking sound. Connected them directly to the front panel of my desktop and they work fine. It appears that they require more power than my powered USB hub could supply.

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Mine is also making the same clicking sound. Connected this to an Old Athalon X2 CPU My current CPU is dead. So this is a standby.

It sometimes hangs. But it always detects.

I thought the cable was lose.

The cabinet is in bad shape.

The sad part is the front USB drive has gone inside the panel. Seems like someone pushed it hard inside.

I just hope this lasts till I get my new PC.

I was just wondering if you know how good the USB hubs work.

I thought this was a loose cable.

But you say its a power issue.

Are you sure about this or is your cable/port a bit loose??

I was thinking since i have another WD passport ULTRA connected and that is giving no problems. Also all other USB ports shake. This has only 4 ports. I have a logitech mouse and Dell Keyboard in 2 and the WD passport. All of the three ports shake like if you move the USB plug it moves. Only the one with the ULTRA has not play at all. So will connected a USB hub to that and then connect both will work?

Will the power be enough?


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