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Released May 2015, identified by model number SM-T350. Features 8.0″ TFT capacitive touchscreen, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.

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USB port replacement for SM-T350

USB port replacement for Samsung SM-T350 (Tab A 8 inch)

How difficult is it? Soldering required? Is it not a simple plug-in replacement?

Looking at the part for sale on ebay it doesn't appear to have a ribbon cable pre-attached, so I'm wondering if it's not just a plug in and done repair. The Samsung S2 and others have charging assemblies that are replaced as a whole unit, so does the T350's USB port have pin-style connectors or what?

eBay: 3 x Micro USB Charging Port + Tools for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T350N

There are other manuals and guides on here for the SM-T350 (headphone jack, battery, etc.) but none for the USB port so I'm thinking maybe its not as simple as those.

If you've replaced the port on your Tab A8 I'd appreciate any info you could give on the procedure and any tips you may have learned while doing it.



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An easy fix for a big power boost.

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An easy fix for a big power boost.

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The chosen answer is not quite correct for the 8.0" 350.

In step 8 of the motherboard replacement guide for the 8.0" Galaxy Tab A 350, there is a protective cover plate for the USB port that is removed via two 3 mm screws. There is no flex cable. (It does appear that other Galaxy Tab models do have flex cables, probably hence the confusion. The YouTube video cited is for a different model: also a Galaxy Tab A, but the 9.7" T555 rather than the 8.0" T350, I believe.)

HOWEVER: once the protective cover is removed, what is revealed is the back of a standard USB port, with its four soldered anchor points. Once the motherboard is completely removed (see my comments on this procedure--some connectors need to be disconnected first that are not mentioned in the guide), and flipped over, the USB port is seen to have seven pins as well as the four anchors, which must be microsoldered to their pads. Only the middle three of these are really small; the other four are (relatively, for microsoldering) fairly large.

But this is in fact a rather standard micro USB port replacement, soldering and all. There's just a screw-on protective plate over it on the motherboard.

IN CASE IT SAVES SOMEONE ELSE: please pay careful attention when removing the back cover of the device at the very beginning of this procedure. If you think of it as removing the back cover (and not the front display) you'll be OK. I inserted my spudger between display and motherboard rather than between motherboard and back cover, and succeeded in shattering my display despite a pre-installed glass display protector. Sigh...

AND, IN CASE IT REALLY, REALLY SAVES SOMEONE ELSE: replacing the USB port on my Galaxy Tab A, although it provided me much microsoldering practice (and Galaxy Tab disassembly practice), did NOT solve the problem of a loose connection between port and cable. What did that was (very carefully) clamping down on the back of the USB port with a pair of pliers, and then double-checking continuity of each pin with a micrometer to make sure I hadn't broken any connections. This still requires removing the motherboard and protective USB port cover, but does not necessarily involve microsoldering, and does not require a new port.

(I attempted to solve the connection problem at the cable end, by raising the two connectors on the back of the cable connector with a needle, a procedure I found on YouTube. In my case, this only resulted in a red X through the Samsung charging icon--Samsung's signal that there is a connection, but charging is not going properly. Still, might be worth trying, since it's so much simpler and less hazard-prone...)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Motherboard Replacement

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Thanks, I did notice the video was showing a 9 inch model. I haven't yet tried to replace my USB port (I'm still balancing the tab on the plug and putting a little weight to hold it down when charging, as it only makes contact in an oh-so-precarious position and angle lol). Would love to hear how it goes for you and especially if any soldering is required.

Thanks again


Soldering is required to replace this port, although other things can be tried first (see above: pulling the two pins on the charging *cable* out slightly, tightening the port with pliers, leaning your tab or your cable on something as it charges...)

For someone who does microsoldering, this is among the simpler repairs, though, and should not be too expensive. IMO it IS best done by someone with the proper setup and equipment, though.

There are YouTube videos that use only a hot air gun (designed for electronics), but if something goes wrong you're stuck. And if you overheat another component or damage the USB port's attachment site, you're looking at a more expensive repair.

(Full disclosure; I do microsoldering, so I may be biased).

(re Tech answer below)

The charging cable can't be found on eBay because there isn't one.


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The part pulled out at 4:31 in this video is what you need Samsung Galaxy Tab A Disassembly

Search for "SM-T350 USB Port Ribbon Cable" on Google since I don't see it anywhere on Ebay.

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Oh ok so its a different part from the one on ebay.. it has the ribbon attached already i see. The part on ebay is the metal port only.. i see it screws in instead of soldered anchors, thats good..



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I will be starting this project tonight. My tab A is paid for and been with me for a long time. The plastic inside the port broke first, I was lucky in all the pins stayed in place so I got a few more charges to play and get all my files backed up before two of the pins broke and now it's no more then a paper waight. I didn't buy anything off ebay and plan to just take the parts off another device. I'm also looking into if I can change it to a type C rather then oem type B. I'll record it and post it on YouTube if it's successful but will let you know my findings either way. I have replaced ports on other phones before and also am an active drone pilot so I do decent soldering and have a basic knowledge and experience level with chips and wires that this should not be impossible for me to do. I love my tabA and will take every precaution.

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