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Released on July 28, 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is a cell phone that features an 8 MP rear camera, 720p display, fingerprint scanner, and water resistance. It has a larger display, increased battery life, and an updated camera from its older brother, the Galaxy S5.

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Microphone doesn't work very well when using speaker

Hi there! Sometimes when I send voice notes in WhatsApp my friends cant hear whatever I say, I thought that it was WhatsApp's problem until I made a call with the default phone app and turned on the speaker, whenever I speak 'normally', the microphone works correctly but when I use speaker, WhatsApp, Skype or similar apps (even in-game) the mic doesn't work

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it uses a secondary microphone located at the top.. did you changed lcd?

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No, I haven't but thanks for the info, I'm going to check if it is broken or anything, is there any other possible reason why it is not working?


dirty.. open it clean it. it will work. they just don't go dead..(maybe but not really).. if u need pics let me know. ill tell u how to,


Lol I got robbed the next day after I posted that comment. I found that this is a common problem, my friend's phone had the same problem so I tried buying a new mic and it didn't work so I decided to replace the whole display with the mic and speaker and it worked perfectly.


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What if the LCD has changed ? Does it affect the microphone, I bought this phone used so IDK what's replaced in it.

I opened it up and cleaned the mic ports now the bottom works well but the top is too weak.. and why does my phone switch to the top mic in loud speaker mode ?


(Galaxy S4)

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Loud speaker mode uses sencondary microphone, in ur case is slow bc the hole might have adhesive... open it up clean the adhesive and with the screw driver poke a biger hole.. that will fix ur problem with low secondary mic.. if the lcd is new... if is and old lcd its just dirty , try changing that mesh completely... best of lucks.


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